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The Upper Midwest Consolidated Services Center is a local, member-driven supply network of VHA Upper Midwest member organizations. The members of the UMCSC commit to centralized …
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VHA Excellence Awards recognize member organizations that attain high levels of performance in clinical care, supply chain management and sustainability. … Now more than ever, the health …
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Whether the issue is a pressing regulatory matter or proven practices that can improve your organization's bottom line and clinical performance, the CEO Affinity Group provides …
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What does VHA stand for?   VHA changed its name in 1994, adopting the initials of its former name ("Voluntary Hospitals of America"). VHA is a registered trademark. VHA changed its …
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Contact VHA Customer Service at 800.842.5146 or … Contact the Media Relations department at 972.830.6321 or 972.830.7961. … To report non-compliance with the law …
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VHA�s proven success in providing value and savings to members is unmatched in the industry. We remain focused on our goal of clearly defining value for members. To ensure members …
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The AROK Purchasing Coalition is a VHA Supply Network. Twenty-one VHA members in the Oklahoma/Arkansas region officially joined together in June 2008 to increase efficiencies and …
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