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Gain Control of Your Supply Chain, Negotiate Better Prices and Increase Your Cash Flow with VHA PriceLYNX™

With this single business intelligence tool, you’ll gain more than just price benchmarking insight – you’ll be able to confidently monitor and manage pricing.

  • Access the largest data source in the industry. VHA PriceLYNX™ has always led the industry with the cleanest and deepest pool of data. Recent enhancements now give you instant data on more than 7.2 million line items across multiple group purchasing organizations and more than 1,600 medical facilities nationwide.
  • Identify cost-saving opportunities with ease. By comparing your costs to what other hospitals are paying, you’ll get a view of price performance. VHA PriceLYNX sifts through oceans of data to highlight the best opportunities for major savings. Intuitive dashboards and actionable reports tell you exactly where you need to focus your efforts. Recent enhancements also validate unit of measure, so identified savings opportunities are true opportunities. And our updated mobile application helps you guard against price creep on-the-go.
  • Get better results with the help of dedicated advisors. You’re never on your own with VHA PriceLYNX. Our advisors will help you discover areas for savings, develop your plan of action and share their knowledge of best practices so you can spend less and save more.
  • Increase visibility and align with executive management. With VHA PriceLYNX, you’ll be able to confidently and effectively communicate your cost-saving initiatives and cash-flow improvements.

It’s time to change your supplier management strategies and data analysis capabilities. Make it happen with VHA PriceLYNX.

To learn more about how VHA PriceLYNX can help you gain control of your supply chain, negotiate better prices and sustain your best price over time, contact us today at or 800.437.3293.

What is VHA LYNX?

We know your organization has vast amounts of data. Translating that data into knowledge to make the right business decisions takes the right strategy. VHA PriceLYNX is a component of VHA LYNX, which helps organizations make more informed decisions and increase cash flow across their supply chain through integration of four key components, Analytics, Data, Contracts and Advisory.

VHA LYNX is your business intelligence solution to increases cash flow and optimize supply chain performance.


“By using VHA PriceLYNX, we were able to get our prices down to the 25th and 30th percentile. There is no way we could have made that leap without VHA PriceLYNX.”

John Mackey
Materials Coordinator, CVL/EP Labs
Port Huron Hospital
Port Huron, Mich.

“It helps when it comes to gaining physician buy-in and support. We have one surgeon who relies primarily on a single vendor’s product, and when I showed him the data proving that we were being charged a lot more than other hospitals, he went to the vendor personally. I believe the surgeon’s exact words were, ‘You need to make a wave – not just a splash.’ That saved us $225,000.”

Chris DuBay
Perioperative Manager
Port Huron Hospital
Port Huron, Mich.

“VHA PriceLYNX has been very easy to embrace as a team from day one, largely because our advisor trained our organization’s users. With the tools provided, we’re able to negotiate and implement savings almost immediately.”

Brenda Meares
Supply Chain Consultant
WakeMed Health & Hospitals
Raleigh, N.C.