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Gain More Cash Flow with VHA PriceLYNX™ and VHA PharmaLYNX™

VHA PriceLYNX and VHA PharmaLYNX provide business intelligence and price benchmarking insights to help you confidently monitor and manage supply and drug pricing. Combined with our expert advisory services, you will have the support and analytics to ensure you are getting the lowest prices on the supplies you purchase.

These procurement solutions ensure that you can:

  • Identify price-leveling opportunities with ease
  • Increase visibility and align with executive management
  • Get better results with the help of a dedicated advisor

Achieve a Healthy Bottom Line

VHA PriceLYNX and VHA PharmaLYNX are dynamic solutions that allows you to quickly see how your supply prices compare to other hospitals and continually monitor to sustain low pricing. The hard, objective data enables you to improve physician engagement and alignment. The data also equips you with knowledge that enables you to quickly turn any negotiation in your favor.

Monitor Performance on the Go

With the mobile applications of VHA PriceLYNX and VHA PharmaLYNX, you’ll be able to instantly access pricing insight, from wherever you are. Using the mobile dashboards and reports, you can improve costs and supply chain performance on the go.          

To learn more about how VHA PriceLYNX and VHA PharmaLYNX can help you gain control of your supply chain, negotiate better prices and sustain your best price over time, contact us today at or 800.842.5146.

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