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Pharmacy Performance Optimization

Elevate the performance of your pharmacy to improve efficiency, outcomes and profitability.

Progressive hospitals and health systems are uncovering a hidden strategic asset as their pharmacy programs evolve and integrate into patient care areas across the enterprise.

To help your program advance, VHA provides the leading pharmacy solution for not-for-profit hospitals and includes the industry’s largest pharmacy purchasing organization, a renowned analytics platform and deep expertise in performance improvement. Through our analytics, insights and expertise, you will achieve impressive cost savings, maximize operational performance, improve clinical outcomes and align your pharmacy with organizational goals.  Now your pharmacy can play a crucial role in your organization’s overall success.

VHA's Roadmap for High-performing Pharmacy

We provide pharmacy expertise and support to help you:

More Information

To find out how your organization can become a best performer through our Pharmacy Performance Optimization program, please call us at 800.842.5146 or email